Safe Kitchen Cleaner Freebie Landing Page

Save time, stop guessing and start cleaning safer NOW! 

So Which Cleaners Are Safe for Your Family? 

We all want what's safest for our families but when it comes to kitchen cleaners it can be tricky to know which to choose.

Cleaning product ingredient labels can be extremely confusing - unless you're a chemist! Do you know what phthalates, triclosan or 2-butoxyethanol are and how they can be harmful to your family? 

And, many product brands appear to be safe or are marketed as "green". Their labels or names sound safe or they smell natural. But how can you be sure?

Based on trusted research conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the Quick Guide to Safe Kitchen Cleaners (for busy moms like you!) helps you choose kitchen cleaners that are safe for your family.

The Quick Guide to Safe Kitchen Cleaners includes: 

  • A list of kitchen cleaners that receive a high safety rating from the EWG so you can be sure they are safe for your kids!
  • Pricing and availability information for each product so you don't have to spend time searching stores to find them.
  • Safety ratings for common, well-known brands so you can see how the products you may be using compare to these safer choices.
  • Clickable links to the EWG product page for each product so you can learn more about their rating and safety criteria - giving you peace of mind that you are keeping your family safe.
  • Clickable links to online retailers where you can quickly and easily purchase safe cleaners!