Does Going Green Stress You Out?

You don't have the time to add one more thing to your To Do list, OR the money to add one more thing to your shopping list OR the energy to motivate your family to change their habits - right?? 

What if I told you Greenily can help you go green and create a safe, clean world for your family without stressing you out? Would you be thinking, "This woman has lost her mind or she's one of those super moms that can somehow do it all. That's not me."  

Well, I have not lost mind (not at the moment!) and I am definitely not one of those moms that magically gets it all (and more) done. I'm just a regular mom of three kids who feels passionately about doing what I can to keep my family - and the planet - healthy even if only in the smallest of ways. 

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What's Greenily?

My name is Pam Mercer and my family (3 kids, my husband, 2 cats and a dog) is Greenily. Our experiences and life provide the examples and information I share about how your family can learn from us and move toward a healthy family and a greener lifestyle.

In an earlier life, I worked in conservation education where my role was to help educate the public about the frailty of endangered species and their habitats in faraway places. Now, as a stay-at-home mom for 7+ years, I’m aiming to bring the conservation message closer to home.  

I'd love to show you how easy it is and what steps you can take now to have a healthy family and live greener!

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